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About Us

About Us

Kenneth P. Pages, MD and TMS of South Tampa is excited to exclusively provide Neurostar TMS therapy to our patients in the entire Tampa Bay Area. This non-invasive and non-medication based treatment can be invaluable to those whom medication has not had the desired effects. Dr. Pages has extensive experience and training including a TMS course offered at The Berenson-Allen Center for Non-invasive brain stimulation.

Our office is designed to be calming and aesthetically pleasing. We are conveniently located in Hyde Park behind Memorial hospital where Dr. Pages was the previous Chief of Psychiatry.

Mission, Vision, Values

TMS of South Tampa is a progressive psychiatry practice dedicated to healing and excellence with a strong focus on treating depression.

Our Mission: Excellence in patient care.

Our Vision: TMS of South Tampa is a leader in healthcare quality. Our team provides comprehensive and compassionate healthcare service. We honor individuality, empower people through open and honest communication and strive to earn the loyalty of every person we serve.

Our Values:

  • Excellence in medical care
  • Serving patients as individuals and honoring their humanity
  • Team commitment to respect, communication and diversity

The office is conveniently located in Hyde Park behind Memorial hospital.

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