Kenneth P. Pages, M.D.

Kenneth P. Pages, MD, is the Former Chief of Psychiatry at Tampa General Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Tampa. This year he celebrates 15-years in his current office location which is centrally located behind Memorial Hospital and provides a calming and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Dr. Pages offers the most up to date psychiatric assessment and treatment. The focus is on Neurostar TMS treatment for depression. He is active in organized psychiatry and the former president of the Greater Tampa Bay Psychiatric Society. He is a Distinguished Fellow of the APA. Distinguished Fellowship is awarded to outstanding psychiatrists who have made significant contributions to the psychiatric profession in at least five of the following areas; administration, teaching, scientific and scholarly publications, volunteering in mental health and medical activities of social significance, community involvement, as well as for clinical excellence.

Megan Toufexis, DO

Megan Toufexis, DO is a board certified adult and child psychiatrist. She completed her medical school training at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and was trained in adult psychiatry at the University of Rochester. She then completed an additional child psychiatry fellowship at University of South Florida. She continued to work at USF as an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and worked primarily at Rothman Center of Neuropsychiatry. She has participated in multiple research studies, publications, and educational lectures on Eating disorders in the Tampa Bay Area. She has a private practice in S. Tampa where she treats patients ages 4-60.

Areas of focus are depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, women’s mental health and eating disorders.

My name is Stephen, and I am a TMS treater. This job is extremely important to me as are the people we treat. One of the greatest pleasures is getting the chance to see the transformation that our patients receive throughout their treatment, and seeing them return to a healthier life


TMS Coordinator

My name is Amy. I am very pleased to be working with the staff here at TMS of South Tampa who are so dedicated to top notch medical care, with a very patient driven approach. I was a county social worker, when I lived in Minnesota, but I wanted to have a more “hands on” role. As a TMS Technician, I have seen TMS treatments improve patient’s daily lives. I look forward to working with you.


TMS Supervisor


Hey my name is Desha, I am a TMS Technician here at TMS of South Tampa. It is a privilege to work with such an amazing team, whose top priority is helping others. It’s an honor to see the improvement and changes to each persons life who visits us here at TMS of South Tampa. I am very passionate about my job and my goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and receiving the best care possible. I am very family oriented and enjoy the beach, family gatherings and great food! I look forward to meeting you and helping you through this journey.


TMS Technician

My name is Gaby, I am a TMS technician here at TMS of South Tampa. It is a privilege to work with Dr. Kenneth P. Pages and his wonderful team, who are completely dedicated to getting you the best care that we can. I can’t wait to meet you and help make your experience with TMS the best it can be.


TMS Technician

My name is Stephanie and I am honored to be a part of the TMS of South Tampa family. As a TMS technician, my job is to provide my patients with the best high quality care possible. Once you enter our office, your well being is our top priority. I look forward to being a part of your journey to becoming a healthier you.


TMS Technician

Hi, my name is Lia and I’m a TMS Technician at TMS of South Tampa. I work alongside Dr. Keneth P. Pages and a fantastic team to make sure patients are comfortable and taken care of during their time with us. Getting to know you is important to me and getting to see your growth over time is one of the best experiences I hope to see.


TMS Technician

Hey! My name is Morgan and I’m excited to be working with TMS of South Tampa as a Technician to make sure our patients are receiving the highest quality of care we can provide during treatments with us. I look forward to meeting you and supporting your mental health journey in any way I can. 


TMS Technician

Hi my name is Lena and its a pleasure to work with Dr Pages and our wonderful team. Patient care is my most top priority and seeing the transformation in our patients gives me the greatest joy. It is important, also giving our patients a safe space and seeing their growth in so many ways is so rewarding for me as well. Excited to meet with you all and be a part of this journey with you!


TMS Technician

My name is Senya. I am a TMS technician, and I am thrilled to be a part of the TMS of South Tampa team. Working alongside Dr. Kenneth P. Pages, Dr.Toufexis and our amazing crew, I am committed to ensuring every patient receives exceptional care and support throughout their treatment journey. Witnessing the positive transformation in our patients’ lives is truly rewarding. I look forward to meeting you and helping make a difference in your mental health journey! 


TMS Technician

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