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TMS Therapy Testimonials

TMS Therapy Testimonials

jawnPoint blank, Dr. Kenneth Pages knows what he is doing when it comes to the successful treatment and management of patients who are suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. I am one of his patients who has recently undergone TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy for chronic depression accompanied by anxiety. In my case, Dr. Pages, with the assistance of a knowledgeable, professional, and caring staff, provided me with restorative medical treatment and care that literally has ‘awoken me from the dead’ and has restored to me full function concerning my mental health as well as my physical health status regarding the ability to perform basic activities of daily living. Given the benefits and rewards I have personally derived from Dr. Pages’ medical care, TMS therapy, and medication management, I have also been afforded a greater and happier sense of my true self. I appreciate Dr. Pages’ care, and I am so happy that, in being proactive, I chose to try a new type of treatment to improve my condition. – Patient N *

I highly recommend Dr. Pages, who is very caring and professional. If you want to experience long-lasting (perhaps permanent) improvements without taking medications, go with TMS. Dr. Pages’ office staff and technicians, especially Leo, are friendly and helpful and stay on top of things.  – Patient M *

Dr. Pages is extremely knowledgeable in his field and it shows. The office is well maintained and the entire staff is WONDERFUL. I suffered from PPD/Depression on and off for 10 years and TMS has proven to be extremely successful for me. I finished TMS 6+ weeks ago and continue to feel wonderful. I really want to thank Dr. Pages and his entire staff, especially Chris who initially met with me and got the ball rolling to Leo who I spent the most time with during treatments. They became like family and are all terrific. The treatments were easy and gradually I felt improvement. I would highly recommend TMS and especially Dr. Pages and his staff. And even better news is that my United Healthcare insurance covered the treatments!!!Thanks again for everything. Here’s to brighter days and great future. – Patient D *

I have had depression for most of my adult life and have tried what seems like every antidepressant under the sun. Nothing really worked. I scheduled TMS treatment and before treatment began, my daughter died suddenly, sending me into the deepest depression a person can experience. TMS was nothing short of a miracle cure for me. Dr. Pages is an excellent psychiatrist and a wonderful person. His staff is also kind and caring, too. I would highly recommend TMS therapy if your antidepressant medication is ineffective. – Patient G *

I am a current patient in this office and I am extremely pleased with my care. Everyone at the front desk as well as Dr. Pages and assistant Leo are the most professional group of people I have ever encountered in a medical office. Dr. Pages is very thorough and complete and really goes the extra mile with his caring demeanor and expertise. I am thrilled to have found this office and am very happy that Dr. Pages has sought out unconventional but very successful treatment modalities to make sure my health improved dramatically. I can not express enough how wonderful this office is and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with depression or anxiety issues. You have found the right office!– Patient K *

After several years, I was losing hope that my father would ever recover from his debilitating depression. Medications were no longer an option due to adverse side effects. ECT’s worked, but required anesthesia each session and were risky to my father’s heart. After several lengthy hospital stays, my mother and I were desperate for a safe and effective cure. And thankfully a cure came just in time. Thanks to Dr. Pages and his TMS treatments, my dad got his life back, and without any of the risk factors or ill side-effects he suffered with other treatments. I highly recommend TMS to any patient who has suffered from severe depression. It works! – Patient M *

I had suicidal thoughts, no motivation, lack of interest in friends and family. I tried four antidepressants, and they didn’t relieve any of the issues I was having. And with them came side effects I wasn’t willing to tolerate to get better. I came to the point in my life where I’d been depressed for quite a long time and I needed to try a different path, so I decided to try TMS. About my 5th week of Neurostar therapy, I started to feel a difference. I feel more motivated in my home, more joyful around people, a little more of that ‘normal’ feeling. That improved during the 6 weeks, and now I’m 2 months out and looking forward to the future. – Kim H. *

I was severely depressed over a period of three years. I tried several antidepressants but nothing really seemed to work. I had a severe allergic reaction. My family was very poorly impacted by the whole problem of my depression. By the end of the TSM treatment, things were better than I could have imagined. After that six weeks, I was so excited that my life was starting to resume. It could actually get better and that I had more to look forward to. – Garret A. *

During that time, it was probably the darkest time in my life. I was sad and miserable all the time. Before when I was going through depression, I felt hopeless. Since TMS, my perspective on life has been so positive that I know there is hope. – Martha F. *

Wow! I am very happy with the results I am experiencing with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Treatment to date has far exceeded my expectations. I have searched for over 16 years for help but the pharmaceutical solutions I received fell short. With the help of Dr. Pages, TMS and his wonderful staff, I have significantly reduced or eliminated many prescription drugs with very few symptoms remaining. Also, the family culture Dr. Pages cultivates with his staff is remarkable- a warm and caring group of people. If you are considering TMS treatment, it’s definitely worth your time and effort and you want it to be performed here!  – Patient L *

I first heard about TMS because I needed a new psychiatrist.  I had been on different medications for depression for almost 30 years, and once again, the medication I was taking wasn’t working very well.  I felt like I was slogging through my days, I was self-medicating with marijuana, and I was frankly sick of being unhappy despite having a life I used to dream of having.  When I came in to talk to Dr. Pages and his staff, I found that they were straight forward, well versed on the technology, and encouraging.  After doing my own research and finding that the risk any side effects was pretty minimal, I decided to try the treatment.
I did have an issue with my anxiety level increasing part way through treatment, but Dr. Pages immediately adjusted my TMS protocol, and the symptoms subsided. Throughout the process, the techs and Dr. Pages were attentive and kind, and extended their kindness to my wife, knowing that she was also being affected by my treatment.
It’s been 4 weeks since my last treatment, and I feel like I have a new lease on life, to be quite honest.  I have a full range of emotions, but I don’t feel like I’m slogging through my days anymore.  I feel motivated to get up and enjoy my days every day.  I don’t feel any desire to self-medicate now. I am happy to say that I am weaning down on my depression medication and not having any issues with it at all.
Thank you, Dr. Pages and everyone who worked with me through this process. I am now as happy as my life warrants, which is pretty darn happy.  Who knows what heights I will reach with this new found joy, this new found NORMAL. I look forward to the journey.  – Patient J *

Dr. Pages has been instrumental with helping me discover and better understand my medical condition. With his help I am now able to enjoy my life to the fullest without fear of guilt or stigma. I could not be more satisfied with a health-care provider. Professional, comprehensive, compassionate and innovative are just a few words to describe the treatment I have received through Dr. Pages. The staff is outstanding, customer service is excellent and the environment is welcoming. Highly recommend!  – Patient KM *

*These testimonials are from real patients who received Neurostar TMS Therapy. Your treatment experience may vary.

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