Kim H.

I had suicidal thoughts, no motivation, lack of interest in friends and family. I tried four antidepressants, and they didn’t relieve any of the issues I was having. And with them came side effects I wasn’t willing to tolerate to get better. I came to the point in my life where I’d been depressed for Kim H.

Patient M

After several years, I was losing hope that my father would ever recover from his debilitating depression. Medications were no longer an option due to adverse side effects. ECT’s worked, but required anesthesia each session and were risky to my father’s heart. After several lengthy hospital stays, my mother and I were desperate for a Patient M

Patient K

I am a current patient in this office and I am extremely pleased with my care. Everyone at the front desk as well as Dr. Pages and assistant Leo are the most professional group of people I have ever encountered in a medical office. Dr. Pages is very thorough and complete and really goes the Patient K

Patient G

I have had depression for most of my adult life and have tried what seems like every antidepressant under the sun. Nothing really worked. I scheduled TMS treatment and before treatment began, my daughter died suddenly, sending me into the deepest depression a person can experience. TMS was nothing short of a miracle cure for Patient G

Patient D

Dr. Pages is extremely knowledgeable in his field and it shows. The office is well maintained and the entire staff is WONDERFUL. I suffered from PPD/Depression on and off for 10 years and TMS has proven to be extremely successful for me. I finished TMS 6+ weeks ago and continue to feel wonderful. I really Patient D

Patient N

Point blank, Dr. Kenneth Pages knows what he is doing when it comes to the successful treatment and management of patients who are suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. I am one of his patients who has recently undergone TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy for chronic depression accompanied by anxiety. In my case, Dr. Pages, Patient N

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